If you are considering purchasing a private aircraft, a third party appraisal should be an essential part of the sales process. Even if you have knowledge and experience with aeroplanes and believe you are purchasing from a reputable seller, you should still seek an appraisal. So, why is an appraisal necessary?

1. Saves time

A quality appraisal company will be able to value a private aircraft efficiently, saving you the time of checking the individual parts of a plane yourself. If the aircraft you are considering purchasing is in a remote location, the appraisal team will be able to inspect the aircraft for you before you arrive to finalise the deal, ensuring you don’t have to constantly travel back and forth.

2. Improves your position in a negotiation

During an appraisal, aircraft management companies will be able to identify areas of the plane that need improving and identify any aviation parts that may need replacing. This will allow you to lower the agreed price of the aircraft and negotiate a better deal.

3. An inspection prioritises safety

After a thorough appraisal, any defects or potential problems with the aircraft will be identified. This not only helps to lower the price of the aircraft but also ensure the long-term safety of the new owner as any issues brought to light can be solved, rather than occurring unexpectedly potentially mid-flight.

If you are looking for aircraft management services, including a professional appraisal, contact Excellence Aviation today! We conduct appraisals and pre-buy inspections to save you time and money and ensure your aircraft is safe for use. Get in touch today for more information.