If you are currently looking for aircraft parts for your Global Express or Challenger Aircraft, then Excellence Aviation can provide you with the aircraft parts you have been searching for. At Excellence Aviation, we stock a wide range of aircraft parts that are available for purchase as well as for rental exchange depending on your aircraft needs. We have a wide range of aircraft parts available, including; Control Display Units, Cabin Touch Screens, Air Start Adaptors, and Door Covers amongst other aircraft parts.

Excellence Aviation were established in 2000, and are a small team of aviation experts who specialise in Private Aircraft Maintenance, servicing, and aircraft parts. We specialise in providing the personal care and attention that your aircraft deserves, so you can focus on enjoying your aircraft. We provide a wide range of Global Express and Challenger Aircraft maintenance services, including our Director of Maintenance Service and AOG Support. 

Please visit our website to learn more about our aircraft parts available for sale or rental exchange. 

Global Express and Challenger Aircraft Parts for Sale

We have a large range of Global Express and Challenger Aircraft parts for sale at Excellence Aviation. Below we have listed just some of the aircraft parts that we have available;

  • Global Express – Honeywell Flight Management System Control Display Unit
  • Global Express – Rockwell Collins, Cabin Electronic System (CES) Touch Screen
  • Global Express – Rockwell Collins DC PDE
  • Global Express – Rockwell Collin AD PDE
  • Global Express Aircraft – Air Start Adapter
  • Global Express Aircraft – Heads Up Display Cooling Fan Kit
  • Global Express Aircraft – Aesthetic Door Covers
  • Global Express Aircraft Portable Maintenance Access Tool (PMAT) Cable
  • Global Express Aircraft – Windshield Kit
  • Global Express Aircraft Malabar
  • Challenger Aircraft – Frequency Converter

Global Express and Challenger Aircraft Parts for Rental Exchange

In the event of an aircraft-on-ground situation, we are able to provide aircraft parts to assist with the rescue of your grounded aircraft or supply materials and components on an aircraft part rental exchange basis. We offer the following parts for rental exchange;

  • Global Express Aircraft – Avionics Battery
  • Global Express Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) Probe
  • Global Express Aircraft Contactor Parts (4 Different Types)
  • Global Express Aircraft Brake Temperature Sensor
  • Aviation Fuel Addition Injector Equipment
  • Global Express Aircraft – Air Start Adapter

If you require aircraft parts for sale or rental exchange that we do not list on our website, you can call us at +44 (0) 7860 258 048. 

Source your Aircraft Parts from Excellence Aviation

If you would like to purchase or rent our Global Express or Challenger Aircraft parts, then you can contact us today to speak to one of our aviation experts. Our team of aviation experts are there to answer any questions that you may have and can provide you with guidance and advice on the aircraft parts that you require for your aircraft. Please call us at +44 (0)7736 930 165, or email us at info@excellence-aviation.com.