A Private Jet Aircraft Management Service You’ll Be Proud Of…

Our Private Jet Aircraft Management service at ‘Excellence Aviation’ has a primary goal to “focus on the details of managing your aircraft, so you simply just need to focus on enjoying all the benefits!” The team at Excellence achieve this because we do what our name says – “We focus on delivering Excellence” in every aspect of our services. Just take a look at the comments from a few of our customers below.

So you may be wondering what are the key benefits to you from having Excellence Aviation as your Private Jet Aircraft Management Service? Well here are a few key points we want to share with you.

  • Our team at Excellence Aviation are a professional team of Aircraft managers and technicians who are passionate about delivering an Excellent service to you and maintaining your aircraft at the very best standards at extremely competitive prices.
  • Our team will treat your private jet as if it was our own. We don’t just manage your aircraft, we make sure it is in the best condition possible suitable for the owners, passengers, and crew of a private jet. We really do go the ‘extra mile’ when it comes to managing your aircraft and making sure it is available to you when and where you want it.
  •  Our team focuses on our values of delivering an honest, reliable, and excellent service that is built on our team integrity. It is these values that have allowed us to build up a reputation for ‘Excellence’ within the private jet aircraft management service industry that is second to none.

See what one of our customers has to say about our service at ‘Excellence’….

A Private Jet Aircraft Management Service – That is simply ‘Excellence’!

Excellence Aviation offers a complete aircraft management service at exceptional value to existing and new customers. Excellence has now taken the necessary steps to set up an Aircraft Operations and management team to complete our suite of services. Our office is based at Harrods FBO, Luton and has full-time dedicated staff, we also operate our maintenance services primarily out of Farnborough and London-Oxford (Kidlington) airports, yet we go where ever our clients need us.

We are now offering the ability to provide the EASA Part-NCC post of Accountable Manager as required by EASA for private aircraft. This post is a legal requirement for any non-EASA member aircraft, residing in Europe. Let Excellence take the responsibility and ensure your aircraft and flight crew are operated within the regulations. You can find out more about the details of our private jet aircraft management service here including our pricing.

Other Private Jet Maintenance Services…

In addition to this private jet aircraft management service we also offer a complete suite of private jet aircraft maintenance services too;

  1. We proudly deliver a Director Of Maintenance -‘DOM’ service to customers who want us to take care of everything to do with maintenance;
  2. We proudly deliver a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation certification service to customers who want their airworthiness certification managed.
  3. We proudly deliver an Aircraft On Ground – ‘AOG’ Service 24/7 – 365 days of the year.
  4. We proudly deliver and Private Jet Aircraft Appraisals service where we will fully appraise the condition and value of an aircraft before you buy it to ensure you get are getting what you paid for.
  5. We proudly deliver a Private Jet Aircraft Completions service to totally refit the interior of your aircraft to your specifications.
  6. We proudly sell Aircraft Parts for the Global Express and Challenger aircraft at rates you won’t get from the OEM’s
  7. We proudly hire out or exchange aircraft parts for the Global Express and Challenger aircraft
  8. We proudly offer an aviation fuel biocide treatment service as preventative maintenance for private jet aircraft.
  9. We proudly supply our Air-Start Adapters for the Global Express aircraft to ensure your aircraft can get started at any airport, anywhere.

See what a couple more of our customers has to say about our services at ‘Excellence’…

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