‘The Excellence Exclusive Six’ (TEES) Director of Maintenance Service.

The Excellence Exclusive Six’ (TEES) service membership is an exclusive ‘Director Of Maintenance’ service conducted by our Excellence Aviation Team for a limited number of Owners of Bombardier Challenger & Global Express Aircraft.

So that we can provide our standards of ‘Excellence’ in this World renowned exclusive service, we have restricted this ‘all inclusive’ membership service to a maximum of just six aircraft.

If this membership service is full, we will put any interested parties on a membership wait-list for the next vacancy. Access to ‘The Excellent Exclusive Six’ membership is by application only.

Members pay a fixed monthly fee, for our all inclusive service, so you know what your costs are going to be month to month.

‘The Excellence Exclusive Six’ (TEES) Membership, means that;

  1. We will take over the management of all your aircraft maintenance and administration needs, so you can focus solely on flying to where ever you need to be.
  2. With our all inclusive service all other services listed in this brochure which we provide, are included as part of your TEES Membership.
  3. You get your very own dedicated ‘Excellence Technician’ personally overseeing all maintenance of your aircraft and keeping your aircraft airworthy for when you need it.
  4. We will keep you airworthy by being where you need us, when you need us, due to our 24/7, 365 days a year availability.
  5. We are on your beckoning call, to professionally greet you at every arrival and successfully despatch you for every departure at our home base.
  6. We are on call for any Bombardier Challenger or Global Express AOG’s. We are EASA 145 approved so can get you airworthy as quickly as possible every time.
  7. We will save you money on prices quoted from OEM for most aircraft parts, due to being part of a Global aircraft parts acquisition scheme.
  8. The value of your aircraft is protected as much as possible, thanks to our high levels of service. We go the extra mile and will ensure you aircraft is ‘highly maintained’ and airworthy.
  9. As we are CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) Certified, we meet all EASA – European Aviation Safety Authority standards.
  10. We can relieve your flight crew of maintenance issues and worries; planning, modifications and defect repairs. This in turn will mean the correct technical staff manage the maintenance and repair needs of your aircraft. We guarantee to improve your airworthiness, reduce the cost of your overall maintenance and preserve the value of your aircraft.

If you have been looking for an organisation which is a Bombardier Challenger or Global Express Aircraft Maintenance and management company, then look no further as we offer ‘The Best Service’. We will exceed your expectations on all your aircraft maintenance and management needs.

CAMO CertifiedWe are also CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) Certified, so we meet all EASA – European Aviation Safety Authority standards. You can read one of our Blogs – What Is CAMO Certified. to find out more about WHY this is important.

At Excellence Aviation Services, we do what our name says, literally supply you with an ‘Excellent Aviation Maintenance service.

We can do this cheaper and better than you would be able to do this yourself as an ‘Aircraft Owner and Operator’ because we spread our Infrastructure and Expertise costs by servicing many different clients and spreading/sharing the costs of supplying such a great Director Of Maintenance service.

12 Reason’s Why You Should Outsource Your Director Of Maintenance Service Needs.

Employing your own maintenance crew for your Bombardier Challenger or Global Express aircraft is a very expensive and wasteful way to maintain your Private Jet aircraft. 

We offer a much cheaper option and more specialised options in the marketplace available to you if you are prepared to sit back and consider this for a moment.

What could be the alternatives and benefits to you in outsourcing your Bombardier Challenger or Global Express aircraft Director Of Maintenance needs?

We have written a Blog – ’12 Reasons To Outsource Your Private Jet Maintenance’ which explains ‘WHY’ you should look to outsource your Director of Maintenance service for your aircraft.

The Excellence Exclusive Six - TEES Director Of Maintenance (DOM) Service from...

  • We Provide updates for the Airframe, Engine and APU log books.
  • Carry out position of NATR as required by the Isle of Man CAA.
  • Maintain AD and SB compliance statements.
  • Maintain and review CAMP system.
  • Carry out Pre and Post flight checks when aircraft in Home base.
  • To provide 24 hr tech support to crew.
  • Carry out minor defect rectification at Home base.
  • Oversee any maintenance or warranty work being carried out.
  • Organize and oversee cleaning of aircraft when in Home base.
  • To be on site for departure in case of technical problems. At Home base.
  • Manage all warranty claims.
  • Provide Smart Parts, Rolls Royce and Honeywell reports.
  • Check all maintenance invoices.
  • Order and track shipment of parts, arrange import of parts.
  • Provide projection and plan maintenance inputs.

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