Air Start Adapter

Are you aware of the Risks of operating a Global Express without a Air Start Adaptor or Huffer connection?

Most Global Express operators and crews are aware of the risk they are taking by not carrying an adaptor that will ensure Ground Air connections in case of APU faults away from base.

Yet how many under estimate the real cost to the owner/passenger of the aircraft and what any associated delay will cost them financially, emotionally, physically simply because the aircraft didn’t have access to the correct Air Start Adapter. This situation is now quite unnecessary when you have a simple piece of portable equipment which we now manufacture and sell. 

Due to the cost and size of OEM adaptor that is a much needed tool when you have an APU failure, Excellence decided to design and have manufactured a more light weight, easier to store and use adaptor for our customers and here it is. We have designed the ‘Excellence EXC 9000 Air Start Adapter’.

9 Reason Why You Need The Excellence EXC 9000 Air Start Adapter On Your GlobaL Express Aircraft.

1)      When the APU quits you need to start your engines from an external air start cart. 

2)      We estimate that 50% of all worldwide air start carts will not fit a Global Express. 

3)      How much does a missed trip cost? 

4)      How upset is the passenger if the trip is missed? What impact on his business? 

5)      How long is the aircraft not available for use, you need to fix the APU to get going.

6)      The Excellence Air Start Adaptor will overcome these issues. 

7)      The Adaptor is small and fits inside the rear equipment bay storage box. 

8)      It’s your best insurance to keep to your schedule when your APU quits

9)      Least cost investment. 

You can read more about these reasons on our “Air Start Adapter Blog” also contained on our Website in the blog section.

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