Aircraft Management Service

A Complete Aircraft Management Service…

Excellence Aviation offers a complete aircraft management service at exceptional value to existing and new customers. Excellence has now taken the necessary steps to set up an Aircraft Operations and management team to complete our suite of services. Our office is based at Harrods FBO, Luton and has full time dedicated staff.

We are now offering the ability to provide the EASA Part NCC post of Accountable Manager as required by EASA for private aircraft. This post is a legal requirement for any non EASA member aircraft, residing in Europe. Let Excellence take the responsibility and ensure your aircraft and flight crew are operated within the regulations.

This operations and aircraft management service, combined with the Excellence Aviation maintenance packages and Continued Airworthiness options for our customers, offers a complete service the management and maintenance of your private aircraft.

By combining the Operations, Maintenance and CAMO services, all aircraft owners will benefit from enhanced safety and outstanding maintenance at a excellent rate. All the options can be taken individually or as a package. Monthly fees for the chosen options allow for easy budgeting with no surprises.

An Aircraft Management and Operations service – second to none!

Excellence Aviation’s Aircraft Management services allow you to enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership without have to worry about most of the details.  By using our aircraft management service you can be assured that the operation of your aircraft is in good hands by providing;

  • An uncompromising approach to aircraft safety that can be seamlessly combined with our maintenance services;
  • A client focussed aircraft management service structure that operates 24/7, 365 days of the year;
  • A first class experience delivered by our professional and robust operational & management team;
  • A focus on delivering the service you desire and need, when you need it;
  • A management programme that is designed to protect the value of your aviation asset

Aircraft Operations/Management from...

£500000per month...
  • Carry out the full responsibility of EASA part-NCC 1
  • Ensure aircraft maintained in accordance with EASA regulations
  • Responsible for the handling, fuel, as required for operations
  • Provide additional pilots as required
  • Responsible for crew hotel and accommodations
  • Responsible for Airframe and engine programmes
  • Responsible for ensuring hull insurance
  • Responsible for Euro-control charges
  • Responsible for crew training agreements
  • Ensure SMS,OPS and FTRM training carried out.

To find out more about our Excellence aviation aircraft management service read the checklists below then Call us on +44 (0) 7860 258048 and talk to an aviation expert today.

Operational Support

  • Flight planning and dispatch

  • Organisation of overflight permits and landing permissions

  • Arrangement of handling services at destination airport

  • Organisation of passenger transport

  • Organisation of catering and on-board services

  • Slot co-ordination at destination airports

  • Crew recruitment & training

  • Insurance coverage

  • Wider fleet discount programmes

Maintenance Management.

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management

  • Maintenance planning and oversight

  • Arranging for maintenance, overhaul and repair work necessary to maintain the Aircraft in an airworthy condition

  • Arranging for all necessary maintenance records and related log books and manuals to be kept in accordance with the requirements of the state of registry of the Aircraft

Administrative Control

  • All accounting and administration for the aircraft, including maintenance invoice vetting and consideration

  • Maintaining on behalf of the owner all aircraft records and logs

  • Presenting monthly analysis of flights

  • Presenting on a quarterly basis budgets showing the estimated cost of the services

  • Paying all costs and expenses in connection with the operation of the Aircraft

  • Administering insurance arrangements

  • General administration in connection with the operation of the Aircraft