Planning to buy a pre-owned aircraft is no easy decision and it should be carefully considered. There are a few key things to look for as you visit the aircraft you are intending to buy, so here is some advice to help you.

Look at the logbook

The logbook of the aircraft will tell you about its history, document its previous services and other general information about its model and overall functioning. It is vital to acquire this information before making any kind of purchasing decision. The logbook could reveal several issues with the aircraft, such as regular engine failure, or any other problem area that makes it unreliable or costly to run.

Inspect the paint

Older aircraft may look attractive on the surface, but it is likely that they have been newly painted to give them a new lease of life. Look closely at any new paintwork for evidence of corrosion beneath the surface, and thoroughly inspect the aircraft for general signs of wear. Whilst some wear is to be expected when an aircraft has had a long service, ensure it is not too extensive.

Parts of the aircraft

Pay attention to all the parts of a plane. If it is a particularly old, unique model, then it may be advertised cheaply, but you ought to consider the likelihood of replacing any aviation parts. These parts are likely to be expensive and rare to find depending on the age of the plane. The need for replacement may actually make what you considered to be a good value aircraft extremely expensive, so it is definitely worth weighing up your options.

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