If you choose to fly privately to your destination, there are a number of features that are unique to private aeroplanes that are designed to make your flight as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

Full-size bathrooms

One of the most appealing features you will find in a private aircraft is a full-size bathroom. Forget having to wait in line to squeeze into a tiny cubicle, as flying in a private jet means you have the luxury of stretching your legs out and relaxing in a fully-equipped and spacious bathroom suite. Some private aeroplanes even have more than one full-sized bathroom with a shower cubicle, so you can freshen up before arriving at your destination.

Luxurious lounge area

There is no shortage of space in a private jet, so you and your fellow passengers get to enjoy the luxury of a comfortable living area with recliner-style seats, cushioned sofas and a number of personal entertainment gadgets to keep you relaxed and entertained throughout the duration of your flight. Each passenger on your private aircraft will have plenty of space to enjoy themselves and store their belongings, while some private planes even have separated ‘zones’ so that each passenger can enjoy a bit of privacy.

Full-service kitchens

If you’re tired of bland, sloppy, reheated aeroplane meals, you’ll love the full-service kitchens that come with most private planes. Stock up your kitchen with delicious food and ample beverages to keep you satisfied throughout the duration of your journey and even bring your own private chef on board to prepare your favourite meals to be served whenever you like.

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