It’s imperative for the safety of all those who fly that aviation parts are in peak condition. If they become damaged or too worn down, it’s often safer to simply replace rather than repair. But what happens with the parts of a plane that get take off? Many wrongly assume that these parts will end up in a scrap yard and never see the light of day again.

But that’s not true. Read on to discover some of the most surprising new leases of life for used aircraft parts.

Upcycled into furniture

One of the most popular uses for old airplane parts is for them to be upcycled into striking new furniture. This could be anything, from turning parts of a cockpit into a seating area, to food and drink equipment being used as centrepieces in a retro diner.

Recycled into clothing

As the popularity of renewable fashion rises in recent years due to an increased interest in protecting the environment, so too does the rise of used aircraft parts being recycled into clothing. This can be something as small as aircraft metal being melted down into cufflinks, or anything as big as old seating being transformed into trendy leather handbags or coats.

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Remade into fresh parts

If the overall quality of an airplane part is salvageable, it will often be melted or ground down and remade into a new aviation part. This may not necessarily be the same part as before – for example, part of the airplane skin might be melted down and be shaped into a new propeller.