For those of you that own private jets, you will no-doubt be familiar with the level of enjoyment that you can get out of these incredible vehicles. Not only can they save you the hassle of having to queue for check-in, like you do with regular chartered flights, but you can also experience luxury like never before. However, in order for this to continue, it is vital that you spend the time and money necessary to keep your plane in top-tier condition.

This is where Excellence Aviation enters into the picture; having established ourselves as leading providers of aircraft maintenance in Farnborough, we will gladly tackle any problems that you might have. Should you be interested by the possibility of bringing us onboard, all you need to do to get the ball rolling is call one of our representatives today on 07736 930165 – we can’t wait to hear from you.

Who are we?

In case you have not been in contact with us in the past, allow us to provide you with a brief rundown regarding the history of Excellence Aviation, and why it is that we deserve to take care of your aircraft maintenance in Farnborough. Few firms that are based in the area can match the twenty years that we have spent in this industry; this time has been spent slowly-but-surely developing both the list of services available, as well as the overall quality of each of these. Part of what makes us such a desirable company to work with is the fact that, regardless of the time of day, our team will gladly provide you with the assistance that you need. Above all else, we value providing our clients with exceptional customer service.

What does maintenance entail?

Due to the broad nature of aircraft maintenance in Farnborough, we believe that it is important to offer a little insight into what you can expect from this type of service. When you come to Excellence Aviation, you can expect everything from airplane modifications to repair work; our well-rounded specialists have no-trouble at tackling any project which comes their way. Our mission is to take the burden of responsibility off of you, and this is something that we do incredibly effectively. It does not matter if you need us to greet you prior to departure to brief you about any last-minute changes, or you require the sourcing of replacement parts – we always achieve total satisfaction for our clients.

Need further assistance?

Despite what you may have heard, here at Excellence Aviation we strive to be viewed as much more than simply a company that is proficient in aircraft maintenance in Farnborough. If you took a moment to scan through our ever-increasing list of services, you would be able to understand the intrinsic understanding that we have of the aviation industry. Should you require us to complete an appraisal on an aircraft that you are thinking of purchasing, or need a short-term loan on bespoke parts, the outcome will be nothing short of first-class.