The task of buying used aircraft parts is quite tricky. However, there are thousands of search platforms, distributors, vendors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) ready to provide the required information on spare parts. The price you’ll be charged will depend on numerous factors and the agreed terms of sale. Here’s how to get the correct parts at the best prices.

1. Consider your sources

It’s imperative to select the right source, so first verify that the distributor or vendor is legitimate. Furthermore, check whether they offer timely delivery, warranty and reliable after-sales services.

These are some of the main types of vendors selling airplane parts:

• OEM – The original manufacturers offer spare parts for all aircraft models they make. The source is the most reliable as it provides certainty. OEM parts are new and often come with a warranty.
• Distributor – There are two types of distributors of aircraft parts, namely; general and OEM-authorised distributors.

2. Part number

It’s vital to buy the correct part, so check the aircraft’s catalogue to identify the serial number, model and type. Check with the manufacturers for the availability of the parts of a plane you plan to buy. The price will depend on the modifications or upgrades introduced to the components by the manufacturers.

3. Airworthiness certification

These important documents certify the airworthiness of the component or part. The documents include information such as OEM details, inspection date, condition of the part and the signatures of the certifying professionals. Certain parts have dual certification, namely EASA Form 1 and FAA Form 8130. The price changes depending on the number of certifications the spare part has.

When you want to buy used aircraft parts at the best prices, consider the above three tips. Many vendors charge exorbitantly, so choose the right source to get high-quality parts and standardised prices.