Global Express and Challenger Aircraft Appraisals.

Global Express and Challenger Aircraft Appraisals.

Excellence Aviation Services – ‘EAS’ can carry out pre-owned aircraft appraisals for Challenger aircraft and Global Express airaft.

Global Express and Challenger aircraft appraisals can save both time and expense by carrying out a quick aircraft and logbook review to provide an overall picture of the aircraft. Log Book reviews are a useful tool to reveal a lot about the aircraft life, good or bad. We have saved many of our clients millions of dollars, when purchasing and pre-owned aircraft, buy appraising the asset on behalf of our clients.

EAS will travel to your desired aircraft and carry out a thorough investigation and review of the aircraft history. We will provide you with a list of Service Bulletins embodied and outstanding, AD compliance and any other areas of concern. A visual inspection of the aircraft will be carried out and a detailed report will be made for your review.

Carrying out an appraisal will save a lot of time and expense for the operator by providing a quality review of the potential purchase. This should avoid any unforeseen delays and expense occurring during a thorough pre-buy inspection at your chosen facility. EAS can advise on facilities for pre buy inspections as well as act on your behalf and monitor the pre buy on site.